8 Things You Might Not Have Known About Dr. Robert Robinson in Wasilla, AK

Get to know Dr Robert Robinson

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Do you ever feel like your dentist knows everything about you, but you don’t know much about them? Finding out more about who your dentist is, what hobbies they enjoy, and why they got into dentistry can help you develop a stronger patient relationship and even feel more comfortable during your routine visits.

Today we’re going to share a few fun—and maybe surprising—facts about our very own Dr. Robert Robinson, who also goes by Dr. Rob.

1. Dr. Robert Robinson loves everything about living in Alaska.

Dr. Rob has been in love with the Matanuska-Susitna (Mat-Su) Valley lifestyle since his early childhood. Whenever he gets the chance, he’ll head out to the woods to hunt or fish, or simply hike around enjoying everything nature has to offer. His love of Alaska includes spending as much time as possible outside with his significant other and their three children.

2. Although he isn’t an Alaska native, he’s spent most of his life in Wasilla.

With his love of everything Alaska and his familiarity with the region, you might think Dr. Rob is a native, but that isn’t the case. Dr. Rob spent his early childhood in Oklahoma until he was around eight, when his family relocated to Wasilla, Alaska.

Dr. Rob might not have spent a long time living in Oklahoma, but don’t let that fool you. He remains a diehard Oklahoma Sooner fan!

3. Dr. Robinson completed the 2012 Iron Dog race, a major accomplishment for any Alaskan.

Any Alaskan will attest that the Iron Dog race is no joke! The Iron Dog is the longest, toughest snowmachine race in the world and covers over 2,500 miles of the roughest backcountry our beautiful state has to offer. Dr. Robinson participated in and completed the course in 2012. He loves to chat about the race and his love of snowmobiles with his like-minded patients.

4. He’s so passionate about fishing that our hours might change during peak fishing season.

When Dr. Rob isn’t in the office or out in the woods, we bet you’ll find him by some local water source with a fishing rod in hand. Fishing is a common pastime in Alaska, and Dr. Rob is certainly one of those Alaskans who go all out during peak fish season. In fact, Valley Dental Clinic’s business hours might change during the season because Dr. Rob and so many locals are busy heading to the water!

5. Dentistry is a family affair, and the clinic was passed to Dr. Robert Robinson by his father.

If you’re a long-time Wasilla native, you might remember that Dr. Rob’s father ran Valley Dental Clinic. There are actually two Dr. Robinsons in the family, with our current leader being Dr. Robert W. Robinson III. Dr. Rob’s dad established Valley Dental Clinic in 1978, and Dr. Rob eventually joined his father in 1999 after completing dental school.

6. Dr. Robert Robinson is the only dentist in Alaska currently certified in Bioclear.

If one thing about the world of dentistry is certain, it’s that new techniques and technology are always being developed. Bioclear is the latest in cosmetic dentistry and is rapidly becoming the go-to alternative to traditional porcelain veneers. It fills gaps between teeth, eliminates the dreaded black triangle, covers chips and cracks, gives teeth a more balanced shape, and even helps preserve a damaged or decayed tooth.

Dr. Rob is extremely proud to be the only certified dentist in Alaska offering Bioclear at this time. 

7. Continuing education is very important to Dr. Robinson because it allows him to offer advanced care. 

Because the world of dentistry is always changing, Dr. Rob prioritizes continued education for himself and his staff. Not only is he able to introduce innovative services like Bioclear, but he’s also able to advance his knowledge and expertise in established services, like dental implant placement.

By taking advanced training in procedures like dental implant placement, Dr. Rob is increasing patient comfort, expediting the healing process, and maintaining a very low risk of rejection.  

8. Our patients are part of our dental family, and Dr. Rob shows it through people-focused care.

One of the many reasons Wasilla loves Valley Dental Clinic is because of how comfortable, welcoming, and at home patients feel when they enter our practice. Dr. Rob is all about family, including providing the best level of care possible for the patients that make up his dental family. We prioritize patient comfort and focus on doing what we can to show every person we value them and consider it a privilege to be entrusted with their oral health.

Join the fun and welcoming Valley Dental Clinic family today.

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