Month: March 2023

Have the best summer in Anchorage

Prepare Yourself and Your Family for Summer in Anchorage, AK

Think outside the box as you prepare for summer! Preparing for the summer in Anchorage, Alaska can be a lot different than preparing for the ...
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Your mental health and oral health are connected

Surprisingly Common Ways Mental Health Impacts Your Oral Health

Your mental health can impact your oral health. Everyone struggles in one way or another at some time, and while it is OK to struggle ...
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Keep your white teeth

7 Tips to Keep Your Teeth White and Prevent Tooth Discoloration

How can you make your teeth stay white? Having bright, white teeth is something that many Americans want. But this becomes increasingly difficult over time. ...
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How are your oral health habits

Our 6 Week Guide to Building Great Oral Health Habits

When you think about keeping your mouth healthy, you likely consider the numerous dental appointments you have to schedule. While these appointments are essential, they ...
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