Month: September 2022

Find togetherness at family dinner

5 Top Tips on Making Family Dinners Less Stressful and More Fun

Family dinner is a time to come together and bond. Modern life is complicated, making today’s families busier than ever before. It can be pretty ...
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Tooth extraction or root canal

How Does My Dentist Decide between a Root Canal and Tooth Extraction?

Tooth restoration options vary from person to person. When your tooth becomes infected, your options for treatment become limited. In most cases, the choices are ...
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Fluoride after care

How Long After Fluoride Should I Brush My Teeth? And Other Fluoride Treatment Questions

Answers to All Your Fluoride Questions Fluoride can work wonders for anyone looking for some extra protection for their teeth. That’s why you’ll find it ...
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Take care of that chipped tooth

What Is the Best Way to Fix a Chipped Tooth?

Find the right remedy for your chipped tooth. A chipped tooth is not only an embarrassing blemish on your smile, but it can also lead ...
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