Month: October 2023

Restorative dentistry in time for the holidays.

Timely Smile Transformations: 4 Restorative Dentistry Procedures to Consider Before the Holidays

The holiday season brings joy, celebrations, and countless moments to capture in photographs. From family gatherings to festive selfies, this special time of year is ...
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Is stress causing bruxism?

Stress and Bruxism: 5 Ways to Unravel the Connection and Find Relief

As 2022 came to a close, an alarming 37% of Americans rated their mental health as fair or poor. What's more, approximately 72% experienced additional ...
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Do you know how much your smile matters?

Smile and Social Interactions: How Your Smile Impacts Others

The power of a smile has intrigued us for ages. Did you know, there's 3D proof that we start smiling before we're even born? It's ...
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Dental care during Halloween.

Halloween Dental Care Tips: How to Keep Your Teeth Spooky-Clean

During the 2022 Halloween season, consumers in the US spent about 3.1 billion US dollars on candy. This was a slight uptick compared to 2021 ...
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