Month: June 2021

Dental botox is more than just cosmetic

5 Advantages of Dental Botox Treatments

Expand your understanding of Botox’s uses. In recent decades, Botox has become a common treatment — so much so that it has begun to make ...
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Summer break activity ideas

5 Activities to Keep the Kids Busy on Summer Break

Making summer special for your family. We’ve all experienced the excitement of being a kid, counting down the days until summer break starts. Most of ...
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Taking baby to a pediatric dentist

When Should My Baby See a Pediatric Dentist for the First Time?

Take your baby to visit their pediatric dentist early on. As parents, there are so many activities and milestones that we need to keep track ...
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What to expect in the teeth whitening process

What to Expect Before, During, and After Your Professional Teeth Whitening

Considering a professional teeth whitening treatment? Your smile helps you make a great first impression and is a vital part of expressing yourself. But, perhaps ...
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What you should know about teeth whitening

What I Wish I’d Known Before Trying Professional Teeth Whitening

Have you been considering professional teeth whitening, but haven't been quite ready to move forward? Having questions and concerns is only natural, especially when it ...
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Take care of your smile

6 Ways to Show Your Smile Some Love

Our smiles say a lot about us. Smiles are like a language that doesn't need to be spoken out loud. Smiles can make others feel ...
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