Month: February 2022

Is the winter weather affecting you

6 Ways Winter Weather Can Make You Look Older Than Your Years

The Effects of Winter Weather and Its Impact on Our Bodies Many people associate the summertime and the bright sunshine with younger-looking skin. That light ...
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Regular dental checkups can save you money

Why Regular Dental Checkups Are the Best Dental Insurance

Regular dental checkups are about more than getting your teeth cleaned. You’ve heard it before: Visit the dentist every six months. Brush your teeth twice ...
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Best winter places in Wasilla

15 Places To Treat Yourself in Wasilla This Winter

Treat Yourself Right With a Day Just for You in Wasilla  As the weather gets colder and the darkness sets in, our internal thermometers and ...
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All about dry mouth

Learn About the Causes and Complications of Dry Mouth

What You Need to Know About Dry Mouth Does your mouth often feel dry or sticky? Or do you find yourself having to drink repeatedly ...
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