Month: October 2021

woman on laptop smiling

10 Ways to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay

How to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay  Protecting your oral health is often underestimated. The truth is when it comes to bacteria, the mouth serves ...
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Tooth-friendly treats for Halloween

Your Quick Guide to a Tooth-Friendly Halloween

8 Tips for a Tooth-Friendly Halloween It should come as no surprise that kids love Halloween. And what isn’t there to love? Fun and spooky ...
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Full mouth restoration faq

8 Questions About Full-Mouth Extractions, Dentures, & Dental Implants

Answers to your questions about full-mouth restoration. A full-mouth restoration is a comprehensive treatment plan that combines extensive or complete teeth extractions with dental restorations ...
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Dental implant aftercare guide

How To Best Care for Your Newly Placed Dental Implant

Trouble-Free Healing After Dental Implant Surgery The process of getting a dental implant is both an exciting and overwhelming experience. You’ll receive a beautiful dental ...
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Smile makeover with other benefits

We Include the Whole Face in a Smile Makeover

Here’s how we design a beautiful, balanced smile. Our approach to smile makeovers at Valley Dental Clinic goes beyond focusing only on your teeth. Beautiful ...
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Build habits for safeguarding your health

10 Daily Habits to Help Safeguard Your Health

Nurture your body-mind connection. Your health is much more than your weight or the number of calories you consume. The journey of improving your overall ...
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