Month: January 2024

Reduce stress this year.

Reduce Stress in the New Year. Your Smile Will Thank You For It.

Have your smile look its best and reduce your stress. Don’t let the new year stress you out. Not only can it affect your general ...
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Time for some tooth whitening.

Putting Off Tooth Whitening? Here Are Five Reasons To Do It Now.

Plan to whiten your teeth today. We’ve all seen those dazzling white Hollywood smiles, but did you know that those bright smiles often need a ...
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Denture care tips.

Seasonal Denture Care: Adapting to Weather Changes in Wasilla, Alaska

Difficult Winters, Gorgeous and Warm Summers If you look at the temperatures throughout an entire year here in Wasilla, Alaska, you’ll see that it varies ...
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Take care of a toothache.

Natural Remedies for Toothache: Home Care Tips for Immediate Relief

It’s time for a solution! Picture this—you wake up and one section of your jaw just feels off. You floss your teeth just to make ...
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