General Dentistry

Acidic foods can damage your oral health.

The Silent Culprit: 5 Ways Acidic Foods Impact Oral Health

While you might think that limiting sugar intake will preserve your smile and oral health, sweets aren’t the only foods that threaten your teeth. There’s ...
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Don't skip your regular dental checkups.

Dental Checkups 101: Why Regular Visits Are Essential for Oral Health

Why biannual dental checkups are a necessity. We've all been there, caught up in our hectic lives with busy agendas and forgetting to do little ...
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Root canal FAQs

I Need a Root Canal. Will it Hurt? Answers to Your 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Root canal treatment is extremely common, but many patients are deeply concerned about undergoing the procedure. In reality, this straightforward treatment has many benefits and ...
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Reduce stress this year.

Reduce Stress in the New Year. Your Smile Will Thank You For It.

Have your smile look its best and reduce your stress. Don’t let the new year stress you out. Not only can it affect your general ...
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Denture care tips.

Seasonal Denture Care: Adapting to Weather Changes in Wasilla, Alaska

Difficult Winters, Gorgeous and Warm Summers If you look at the temperatures throughout an entire year here in Wasilla, Alaska, you’ll see that it varies ...
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Take care of a toothache.

Natural Remedies for Toothache: Home Care Tips for Immediate Relief

It’s time for a solution! Picture this—you wake up and one section of your jaw just feels off. You floss your teeth just to make ...
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Better oral health for the new year.

Start the Year With a Healthy Smile: 5 Oral Health Resolutions for a Brighter New Year

As the New Year approaches, you’ll likely start thinking about making New Year’s resolutions. Common ones involve saving money, losing weight, or practicing more self-care. ...
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Botox can improve oral health.

Beyond Wrinkle Reduction: How Botox Can Improve Oral Health

Creating a Place for Botox in Dentistry  Botox gained popularity as a cosmetic treatment for improving fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Derived from ...
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There is help for dental anxiety.

Managing Dental Anxiety: 5 Strategies for a Relaxing Dental Experience

Overcoming Anxiety in the Dental Chair If your visits to your Wasilla dentist’s office cause you to experience heightened stress, you’re certainly not alone. Dental ...
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Is stress causing bruxism?

Stress and Bruxism: 5 Ways to Unravel the Connection and Find Relief

As 2022 came to a close, an alarming 37% of Americans rated their mental health as fair or poor. What's more, approximately 72% experienced additional ...
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