Month: November 2022

Best hikes near Wasilla, AK

5 Best Hikes Near Wasilla, AK, and Tips for Hiking Adventures for the Whole Family

If you live in Alaska, you already know the health benefits of spending time in the great outdoors. And hiking, too, has many benefits. The ...
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Preventive dentistry for your family

Here’s Why Preventive Dentistry Is So Important for the Entire Family

Good oral health is something we should be aware of. Our oral health affects our ability to speak, eat, and smile. But healthy teeth and ...
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Tips for denture care

6 Important Things to Do When Caring for Dentures or Partial Dentures

Did you know that approximately 15% of the adult and senior populations in the United States have dentures? As we get older, tooth loss becomes ...
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Zirconia crowns for a professional smile

Zirconia Crowns Can Improve Your Smile and Confidence

The act of smiling has so many health benefits. When you smile, you release dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin hormones, which make you feel good. In ...
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