Month: September 2021

What makes cosmetic dentistry different

General vs. Cosmetic Dentistry: What’s the Difference?

General or cosmetic dentistry: It’s all about your smile. Did you know that nearly 30% of people keep their mouths closed when they smile for pictures ...
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Tips for success in life

How to Model Success Personally and Professionally

6 Principles for Success in Your Personal and Professional Life When we think of success principles, some personality traits and characteristics come to mind, such ...
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Keep your teeth healthy and avoid acidic foods

Acidic Foods to Try to Avoid for Healthy Teeth and What to Eat Instead

These acidic foods could jeopardize your oral health. When it comes to your oral health and contributors to tooth decay, sugar isn’t the only cause ...
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Ins and outs of how to brush your teeth

How Long and Hard Should You Brush Your Teeth?

So how exactly should you brush? Read on to find out! We all know the importance of brushing our teeth two times per day, especially ...
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Bioclear faq

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Bioclear at Valley Dental

Bioclear is an advantageous alternative to traditional porcelain veneer smile makeovers. Bioclear is a new method for smile makeovers that is quickly growing in popularity ...
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Help your child through times of stress

7 Ways Parents Can Help Their Students Cope With Stress

Help your student effectively manage their stress. The school year can create stress and anxiety for school-aged children. But with the right tools and tricks, ...
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