Bioclear: An Exciting Alternative to Dental Crowns

Bioclear: An Exciting Alternative to Dental Crowns

Looking for an alternative to dental crowns? Within the last three years, we have added a new treatment option at our dental office called Bioclear. We could not be more excited to talk about it! Bioclear is minimally-invasive, which means it conserves more of the original tooth than a crown procedure does. It is also more cost-effective! Learn more about why we think Bioclear is an exciting alternative.

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What Is Bioclear & What Does It Treat?

Bioclear is a procedure that uses a composite to add material to existing teeth with minimal loss of the original tooth structure. The material is injected into a mold around the prepared tooth, hardened, then contoured into the right shape and polished. By using just one injection (what is known as a “monolithic” injection), Bioclear makes teeth stronger than other procedures. It is also perfectly matched to your teeth.

Bioclear is for more than just dental issues that would typically be treated with crowns. It can be used for everyday treatments and procedures like fillings, gum recession, undersized teeth, and more!

What Does It Not Treat?

Bioclear can be used to treat many dental issues, but when it comes to dental work in the back of the mouth or big cavities where there is not much of the original tooth structure left, Bioclear is not the best option. It does require a sizeable tooth in order to adhere properly and to maintain its strength properties. In situations where Bioclear is not recommended, a traditional filling or crown will be used.

What Are the Benefits of Bioclear as an Alternative to Dental Crowns?

Bioclear has many benefits that make it the perfect alternative to dental crowns for work in the front of the mouth. In addition to being less invasive and more durable than crowns, Bioclear is also faster, easier, and more cost-effective! It also creates an absolutely beautiful smile.

  1. Bioclear is Minimally-Invasive – It removes less of the original tooth structure than crowns.
  2. Bioclear is Cost-Effective – It is often half the price of crowns.
  3. Bioclear is Fast & Easy – It typically takes one appointment whereas crowns typically take two.
  4. Bioclear is Durable – It is stronger than crowns for work in the front of the mouth.
  5. Bioclear is Beautiful – It matches your teeth so perfectly that it “invisibly” fills out your smile!

Are you interested in Bioclear for a decayed, chipped, cracked, or broken tooth? We would love to talk you before you settle for an invasive crown procedure! Bioclear can make your visit to the dentist much easier than you might think it has to be. Dr. Robinson is the only Bioclear certified dentist in Alaska.

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