Bioclear Is One of the Best Ways to Fix Gap Teeth

Bioclear Is One of the Best Ways to Fix Gap Teeth

Are you self-conscious about gap teeth? Do you find yourself smiling less to hide them? Are you nervous about the cost of veneers? Bioclear is an innovative, cheaper method for hiding those gaps and restoring your smile!

How Are Gap Teeth Treated?

There are multiple treatments for gap teeth, each with their own setbacks. Many people have braces to close gaps in their teeth. However, these can be just as much a cause for anxiety as the gaps themselves. Braces affect speech, require extra brushing, and have the disadvantage of not being able to fix so-called ‘black triangles.’ These occur when gums recede, revealing spaces between the teeth which are usually covered. As well as being unsightly, these can trap food, leading to bacteria growth and formation of plaque. It is therefore important to close these gaps. A traditional method is the application of porcelain veneers. This hundred-year-old procedure requires removing part of the surface of the tooth in order to bond a porcelain shell on top. Although this remedies the gaps and gives a brilliant-white smile, it is invasive and unnecessary in many cases.

Injection bonding, on the other hand, uses molded resin to achieve the same goal as veneers, but is cheaper and does not require removing the tooth enamel. This means that the tooth retains its natural structure and strength while adding a stain-resistant, durable new surface. Perhaps most importantly for those with a fear of the dentist, the procedure can be performed in one visit!

What Is Bioclear?

Bioclear is an innovative tooth bonding method. It begins with cleaning the surface of the tooth then inserting clear forms between the teeth to guide the molding. The composite material is then injected onto the surface of the tooth, matching the color perfectly. This is light-cured to provide a durable, stain-resistant surface. Finally, the new surface is polished to restore your shining white smile! Because Bioclear is a monolithic procedure, applied in a single pour, it is stronger than other treatments that use multiple layers.

Can Bioclear Treat All Tooth Gaps?

On hearing the phrase, “gap teeth,” many people think of space between the front teeth. This is called a diastema and is usually present from birth. Bioclear can be used successfully to fill these gaps in a single visit, without the need for a long-term treatment such as braces to bring the teeth together. However, Bioclear can also treat many other types of tooth gaps.

Among the more common types of gaps are so-called ‘black triangles’ which many people get as they age. These are caused by gum recession, perhaps due to poor hygiene. As the gum recedes, it reveals the gaps between teeth which are normally covered. This can cause small black gaps to appear, which makes the teeth look darker and can trap food. In this case, the application of Bioclear can be more of a health benefit than merely cosmetic. Trapped food leads to bacteria growth and plaque formation, which can cause more serious problems.

If you have suffered a trauma to your tooth which has chipped and left a gap, Bioclear may also be used. As long as there is enough tooth left for the composite to adhere to, your dentist can use Bioclear to repair the chip, leaving no evidence of the damage!

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