8 Frequently Asked Questions About Bioclear at Valley Dental

Bioclear faq

Bioclear is an advantageous alternative to traditional porcelain veneer smile makeovers.

Bioclear is a new method for smile makeovers that is quickly growing in popularity among patients who want the look of veneers without veneers. Valley Dental Clinic is proud to offer this exciting new cosmetic and restorative care system to Wasilla patients.

If you, like many others, are unfamiliar with this type of treatment, chances are you have some questions! Here are the top 8 frequently asked questions we’ve gotten at Valley Dental.

1. What is Bioclear?

This treatment is an innovative method of covering cosmetic flaws and helping people, like you, achieve their dream smiles quickly and easily. You might also hear this treatment process called the Bioclear Matrix, the Bioclear Method, or the Bioclear System.

With the Bioclear technique, your dentist will place thin shells of a composite resin on the surface of your teeth. There are over 20 different forms in different shapes available, so your dentist will be able to get the perfect fit for your teeth. Once placed, the resin is hardened and the rough surface will be smoothed and shaped to perfection.

The result is a new smile that looks like yours but better.

2. What does it do?

Bioclear can fix a number of minor to moderate cosmetic flaws, including chipping, superficial cracks, staining or yellowing, uneven teeth, and gaps or dark triangles between teeth.

Bioclear is considered a cosmetic procedure rather than a restorative one. Though it can be used to cover damage from a cavity, any active tooth decay, gum disease, or other oral health concerns need to be treated prior to it being placed. Similarly, if a tooth is badly damaged or structurally weak, a dental crown or similar restoration may be necessary before Bioclear can be placed on the rest of the smile.

3. How does Bioclear compare to veneers and bonding?

Bioclear is often compared to porcelain veneers and dental bonding. If you’re familiar with veneers and bonding, you can consider it to be a happy medium between the two.

Bioclear can cover more cosmetic flaws than dental bonding, and it lasts a lot longer too. Porcelain veneers offer the most impressive smile makeover, but it comes in at a close second. Considering the affordability and the minimally invasive process of having them placed, many patients will find it to be the perfect alternative to traditional veneers.

4. Will it whiten my teeth?

Bioclear is a great way to level up the overall brightness of your smile. However, it doesn’t quite have the masking abilities of porcelain veneers. Because the resin material used for it has some translucency, it isn’t able to cover very dark stains or discoloration.

Keep in mind that teeth aren’t naturally bright white. If your teeth are slightly yellow but you don’t have any major discoloration, Bioclear will certainly make your smile look brighter. If you want as bright of a smile as possible, another option is to first professionally whiten your smile before your dentist applies the Bioclear.

5. How long does Bioclear last?

With proper dental hygiene and regular dental checkups, it should last around 10 years or more before needing to be replaced. Bioclear is quite durable and stain-resistant, allowing many patients to easily achieve this level of longevity.

An added bonus is that it is easily removable compared to porcelain veneers. This means when a replacement is necessary, the process is much easier for the dentist and the patient. 

6. How much does it cost?

The exact cost of your custom Bioclear treatment plan can’t be accurately estimated until a consultation has been completed. That being said, many patients are thrilled to learn that it is more affordable than porcelain veneers.

As far as insurance coverage goes, most major insurance plans don’t cover Bioclear, as it’s considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure. If your personal insurance does offer some coverage on cosmetic dental care, then it may have a less expensive out-of-pocket cost.

7. How long does it take to get Bioclear done?

Your finished smile will be revealed during the very same visit!

Bioclear is more similar to dental bonding than porcelain veneers in terms of the length of the treatment process. You won’t need to wait weeks as with porcelain veneers, but the process does take slightly more in-chair time than bonding. However, it only takes a single appointment to complete.

8. Who is a candidate for it?

Any healthy adult interested in improving their smile’s appearance is a likely candidate for Bioclear. Each smile is unique, and the only way to know for certain if it is the best choice for you is to see a dentist for a consultation.

The dental practice you choose has a significant impact on the longevity and beauty of your Bioclear treatment. Choose the best dentist in Wasilla by coming to Valley Dental Clinic first.

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