Why Valley Dental is the best choice for your family dentist in Wasilla

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You’re looking for a dentist in Wasilla, Alaska. Maybe you’re new to town. Maybe you’re looking to change clinics. Maybe you’re looking to take your kids to the dentist for the first time.

No matter your story, you’ve come to the right place.

Valley Dental Clinic is a family dentist based in Wasilla. We offer a wide range of dental services, from preventative care and restorative treatments to dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.

The clinic was founded in 1978 by Dr. Robert Robinson Sr. and continues today under the leadership of his son, Dr. Robert Robinson III (although you can just call him Dr. Rob). He’s passionate about providing the best dental care possible and is the only Bioclear-certified dentist in Alaska. (Maybe you’ve heard of it? Stick with us, in a minute we’ll explain why everyone keeps talking about it.)

We’ve been proudly providing quality dental services in Wasilla and the Mat-Su Valley for more than 40 years. If you haven’t met us yet, allow us to introduce ourselves.

If you’d prefer to get straight down to business, you can click here and here to read about our services. We have solutions for every problem, so we had to break them into two lists.

Best Dentist in Wasilla, AK

Dr. Rob is a born and bred Alaskan. He graduated from Wasilla High in 1989 (go Warriors!) and then went to Kentucky, graduating with a Bachelor of Science and a Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Louisville. He returned to Alaska in 1999 and spent six months learning the ropes from his dad before taking over the clinic. Twenty years later, he still loves what he does.

Like his father, Dr. Rob is committed to learning the latest techniques to ensure he’s always providing the best service possible to the Wasilla community. For example, he recently completed advanced training in dental implant placement (more on that later) and the Bioclear Matrix technique (we promise we’re getting to it – but trust us when we say it’s super cool).

He has two kids, Devin and Brooklyn, and he loves hunting, fishing and riding snow machines. In fact, he actually competed in the 2012 Iron Dog – so as you can probably tell, he’s not an average dentist. If he’s not in the office, there’s a fair chance you’ll find him somewhere in the woods or by the river.

                At this point, you can choose your own adventure:

  1. “I’m already convinced! You guys sound great, I want to request an appointment.”
  2. “I’m not sure, I’d like to get to know you better.” Great! In that case, read on.

Family Dental Services in the Mat-Su Valley

We treat patients of all ages – whether you’re bringing your kids to the dentist for the first time (check out this blog post we wrote about how to prepare your child for their first visit to the dentist) or you’d like a solution to fix gap teeth (we recommend Bioclear – we promise, we’re getting to it).

However, it’s not possible to provide excellent family dental services without a team of excellent family dentists. Besides Dr. Rob, if you come to our clinic you’ll also meet our wonderful dental team. We love our dental team and every team member will be a welcoming face glad to have you as part of the family.

    We’re here to help you have the best experience possible, and we embrace technology to help everything go smoothly. We offer an electronic claims option to assist with the insurance process, digital X-rays to make imaging as fast as possible, an intra-oral camera to help you see what we’re talking about as we’re working, and paperless charting so we can keep the best records possible.

    Every member of our team is committed to providing the best dental care possible for you and your family. Come in and say hello! We’re located at 935 E. Westpoint Drive, Suite 201, in Wasilla. Alternatively, you can give us a call or reach out through our website.

    Cosmetic Dentistry in Alaska

    You made it! It’s time to talk about Bioclear. Dr. Rob is actually the only Bioclear-certified dentist in Alaska. “That’s great,” we hear you say, “but what is this Bioclear thing you keep talking about?”

    Put simply, Bioclear is an innovative tooth-bonding method that can be used to fix tooth gaps, strengthen teeth, improve the appearance of your smile and fix things like chips and cracks.

    First, Dr. Rob will clean the surface of your teeth. Then, he’ll insert molds and inject a composite material onto the surface of your teeth. It matches the color perfectly and is light-cured to produce a durable, stain-resistant surface that can be contoured and polished to create a perfect smile.

    It’s a new technique and is a modern alternative to getting veneers or crowns. It’s minimally-invasive, which means it preserves more of the original tooth than a veneer or crown procedure. It’s also more cost-effective, it can be performed in a single session and it lasts for about 10 years.

    It’s more than just a cosmetic procedure, however. It can also be used for procedures like fillings, treating gum recession caused by aging, and improving dental hygiene by removing gaps.

    Serving The Valley Community

    Sometimes, a dental treatment just can’t wait. Our team can handle dental injuries of all kinds quickly. We want to help you get back to your everyday life as soon as possible.

    We know you have many choices when it comes to choosing a dentist in Wasilla, but we hope by now you feel like you’ve gotten to know us a little bit better.

    We’ve been proudly providing quality dental services to the Mat-Su Valley community since 1978 and we hope to continue for many years to come. Have questions? Stop by the clinic or request an appointment. We hope to see you soon as your start your journey to a healthier smile.

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