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Searching for the perfect cosmetic dentist can be challenging because many cosmetic services require a combination of oral anatomy expertise, technical proficiency, and an artistic eye. It’s important for a cosmetic dentist to have all three characteristics in order to help you achieve the most beautiful and balanced smile possible.

Here are four things to look for as you search for a great cosmetic dentist near Anchorage and why Valley Dental Clinic may be your perfect match.

1. Prioritizes Function and Health Over Appearance Alone

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about beauty and aesthetics or simply changing the physical appearance of a person’s smile. Consider function and optimal oral health first  before pursuing any cosmetic care or smile makeover.

A great cosmetic dentist will only proceed with cosmetic care after a person has achieved optimal oral health and has a normal, pain-free oral function. For example, if Dr. Rob finds you have some untreated tooth decay, signs of gum disease, or jaw pain, these issues will need to be treated before implementing a cosmetic service, like Bioclear. Focusing on health and function first ensures any elective cosmetic care is comfortable, beautiful, and lasts for as long as possible.

The good news is many cosmetic services also offer functional benefits. Cosmetic dental crowns can be used to repair decayed teeth, and Bioclear, or traditional veneers, can repair superficial chips or cracks. Dr. Rob will design a dental care plan that helps you reap cosmetic dentistry’s confidence-boosting rewards while allowing you to achieve and maintain optimal oral health. 

2. Offers the Latest and Greatest in Cosmetic Treatments

The world of cosmetic dental care is always advancing, and great cosmetic dentists will keep up with the newest techniques that will benefit their patients the most. You can differentiate between a good cosmetic dentist and a great one based on their services and why they’ve chosen to provide them.

Dr. Rob loves everything about being a dentist, including continuing his education to provide the latest and greatest treatment options. In fact, Dr. Rob is currently the only cosmetic dentist in Alaska that provides Bioclear for patients, an advanced cosmetic service that rivals (and in many cases, beats) traditional porcelain veneers. 

Valley Dental Clinic also provides popular treatments including professional whitening, zirconia dental crowns, dental implants, porcelain veneers, laser gum contouring, and even Botox!

3. Comfortable Office Outfitted With the Latest Technology

It’s important to feel at home in your cosmetic dentist’s office. The office and treatment room should make you feel at ease and physically comfortable as you recline back in your chair. Although bright lights are necessary to see your teeth, you are provided with safety glasses to protect your eyes, further helping you feel comfortable.

Most importantly, great cosmetic dentists will outfit their offices with the latest dental technology to exchange their abilities to provide the highest level of care possible. We use paperless charting, electronic insurance claims, and advanced digital imaging at Valley Dental Clinic. One of Dr. Rob’s favorite tools is the intraoral camera, small handheld cameras patients can use to see inside their mouths while Dr. Rob performs an evaluation. 

4. Respect in the Community and Plenty of Positive Reviews

Word-of-mouth recommendations from family or friends are a great way to learn more about the best local cosmetic dentists, especially if you’re just beginning your search and unsure of where to start. Looking for online reviews is another great way to see what the community thinks of a cosmetic dentist. 

Valley Dental Clinic is beloved by the Wasilla community, with many locals quickly recommending Dr. Rob as the best general and cosmetic dentist near Anchorage. You can find honest reviews from patients on Google or our business Facebook page. 

We warmly invite prospective patients to call us with any questions they may have or stop by our office to say hi and meet our team. Sometimes speaking with a person over the phone, or in-person can help you decide if a dentist is the right fit. We also provide pressure-free ‘New Patient’ appointments so you can meet Dr. Rob and experience a routine dental evaluation to gauge whether he’s the right cosmetic dentist for you.

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Dr. Rob and the Valley Dental Clinic always welcome new patients and their families. In addition to providing incredible cosmetic dentistry solutions, Dr. Rob also offers complete dental care services for all ages. The quickest way to book a visit is by calling our Wasilla office during business hours. To request a consultation when our office is closed, feel free to use this online form, and a scheduling coordinator will reach out as soon as possible.